Zero Point – See the Light

On December 16, 2016 I woke from a dream and wrote this postman on Instagram… And I was told in a vagary, it is resembling a mathematical equality. “Zero Point”. That’s the place where mollifying, multidimensional communication, and truth reside. It’s neither above nor below. It’s not in the afflictive nor the known absence of afflictive. It’s in the calm or the nothingness. It’s where mature acknowledgment is experienced. Now wake up and inform them… welcome to my crazy life after my Reconnection.

Did I go or hear going “Zero Point” prior to that place, I’m not firm, I don’t revocation if I had… at this “point” it is irrelevant. 99% of the information I read or heady to regarding quantum physics, the expanse, superstring theory and/or zero point is entirely over my head, but I connect to be drawn to it. In some unfathomable away it is describing what I have espy in Reconnective Healing. It’s going potency, It’s about light, It’s touching information, It’s about strings, and It’s nearly strands. Something within me hear even if my argumentative mind can not grasp it. For me the intelligence falsehood outside of my occurrent four-dimensional existence. The learning, the understanding, the gentle peace resides in the unsupplied of my current experience of time and roam. There are many paths to that void, that quiet knowing, the taciturnity of being. In my meditations I call it the crystal basilica. It’s the location of innocent silence where all knowing resides.

Dr. Eric Pearl speaks about how this boon, this frequency came and proceed it’s work before he understood what “It” was. With each passing moment literature is now skillful to describe, demonstrate and display the concepts behind these theories. Recently I was magnificent to be a “knowing on the canaut” at a Reconnective Healing Level II training. I eavesdrop as these concepts were being introduced and taught to clear up the beautiful phenomenon of the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. When you know them, feel them, interact with them they are substantial. You think that would be enough, you cogitate that we as humans would say WOOOOOOO that is crazy, look what is happening here and be satisfied with the healing experience of the frequencies. But as humans we are never content, there is an aspect of our naturalness that exact has to prove or disprove our experiences. The experience alone assay there is something token responsible and life changing occurrence here. But if we assume’t have a “Law” that we have all agreed upon, created the enjoy and issue, then what we are encounter may not be true. How crazy it that? That’s an oxymoron. What I Am Experiencing May Not Be Real! Isn’t it true as there is the experience, even if I can’t explain it or logically prove it? Isn’t the outcome the demonstration. The dread within a delusional person is quite real for them, even if we do not see what is causing their fear. It actually can form unseen chains of imprisonment that science can only say is ideal. But I can protest you that those chain are a part of that persons course reality.

Dr. Pearl states that he has come to wit that this is not just about the supersensible, genian, excitable and/or physical healing of an individual, it is about Life Progress. Maybe that is why I am drawn to a subject matter that my clear-headed mind is not trained to study. Maybe somewhere in my infinite (inclosed) cunning I already have this knowledge encoded in my DNA. Is Life Progress a human innate instinct? Is this what keeps us seeking?

I don’t ken concerning you but I just can’t get enough of this thought process. Are you being drawn in too? There is something here let’s discover it together.

Virgina Adams’ course in Western Medical Practice Administration period 2 and half decades. For years she portray herself as a clear-headed and methodical administrator. Through a long crooked passage of remarkable synchronicities, she was lode down a very dissimilar see. Today Virginia is an tell, people speaker and consultant in the energy healthcare circus.

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