A Year of Courage – My Reconnection

In my quest to find the aim of biography through the blinders of fear I was led to my obscure knowing, the healer within. It was a breathe of self-reliance among the screams of fear in my head. I had found the Universal GPS that is valid to all of us, train us through our walk here on inter. I precisely believe that every step of my life was leading me to this signification in time. I found out that I had the atone, that I held the essential and that I was the only personify that could change my life. My goal is to introduce you to the one one that can succor you. YOU! I have experienced emotional, spiritual and external pain, I have witnessed emotional, spiritual and material pain and I am intelligent in helping others through emotive, holy and material penalty. I found the healer within me and I am on a mission to help others find that same enchanting ground within their being.

I wrote the sequent words a year after I experienced a “Reconnection”. In a few language the purpose of a Reconnection is to access an accelerated exchange of energy, light and instruction. What I call the express drag to biography progress! I have been entreat by many people what has exchange in me since then, or what they can expect to deviate in them after I facilitate a Reconnection. When I really, really, REALLY look at this. Nothing has diversify about me except for the acceptance of my innate magnificence and perfect. Wow! I have the courage to say I Am Magnificent, I Am Perfect. Pretty bold, huh? That is the difference! I have oh so slowly begun to embrace the fact that all of those demons (rebuke) were apology, not to see that I was renew in the show of Perfect Love. In up so I have been led down a beautiful path of synchronicities, expansion of view and ability to powerfully walk in confidence.

I have transformed, transmuted, transitioned obsolete thought progress.
My perceptive nature and insight are increasing(prenominal) more mighty with each dawn.
I am an colorist, a scribe, a story teller.
I am a healer.
I am an entrepreneur.
I am passion and purpose driven.
I am rouse to a Oneness consciousness.
I am radiant inside and out. I feeling effectuate and content. I am the calm in the storm. I am empathetic and perceptive.
I am fitted to part more plainly. I discovered I actually have a voice. I am clear and intentional.
You see when I contain my true source I begin to see your attributes in me. I have lived my life fidelity and cultivating these attributes in others, now I enter to understand them for myself.

Receiving my Reconnection opened a place in me where I could open to find interior stop and soothing. I am now receptive to the choice that I am not strained in inclination, body and Life. That mollifying awaits us all. I know that reconnection to our Source is an inner journey. One that carry in the magic of all Time. There are many type pillar directing you to see what has been covert within you, will this do the trick? Are you ready for your showing?

I am here to proclaim from the mount top that you, ya brief Ol’ you, were created in that same magnificence and perfection! I challenge you to have total trust that within you lies a sleeping lion. Wake him/her up! Let’s get busy pursuing our passion and purpose.

Virgina Adams’ course in Western Medical Practice Administration arch 2 and half decades. For years she recount herself as a logical and businesslike head man. Through a extensive winding path of observable synchronicities, she was lode down a very separate trail. Today Virginia is an declare, public speaker and consultant in the energy healthcare arena.

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