Weight loss patch proves successful in lowering body fat in trials

“I found a way to lose weight and still enjoy life”

Though author Fred Bollaci wanted to lose weight—he still wanted to maintain the things in life that brought him joy. Because he loved to dine out and travel, he was worried a diet would restrict this fulfilling pastime. He was teetering at 330 pounds and suffering from sleep apnea, high-blood pressure, back and joint pain, and pre-diabetes To get his health back and track and still be satisfied with his life, he found a way to eat at restaurants four to five nights a week—and was able to even drink wine on occasion—yet still drop 150 pounds.

Bollaci worked on a plan with a nutritionist and physician. “I learned to engage the restaurant staff and worked with many great chefs who were eager to help me on my quest to get healthier and continue to enjoy their restaurants! I started walking every day and gradually increased my speed and the duration,” he says. To stay out of trouble while dining out, avoid these eight unhealthiest restaurant meals.

After losing 30 pounds, he had the energy to work out—which allowed him occasional indulgences like pizza, pasta, bread, or dessert. When he dropped 50 pounds, he was able to hit the gym several times a week and start swimming, biking, and jogging.

“I learned to make better choices in restaurants and at home by shopping and cooking healthier, emphasizing quality,” he shared. “Most diets preach eating bland, boring, or unpalatable foods for a given amount of time in order to lose weight. They fail to offer realistic chances for long-term success, or rather—how to eat once the weight is gone. Start by making better choices, eating less quantity and opting for better quality, and learn to love yourself which leads to eating healthier and getting into shape. Don’t set a specific time frame for losing the weight, as each of us is different. Put one foot in front of the other and simply start.”