Rick Hansen: Man in Motion

The year 2017 marks the 30th quadrennial of the end of the Man in Motion Tour. What is that you may ask? Well, it all rouse with a guy named Terry Fox and his run across Canada to advance money for and awareness nearly growth. A omi named Rick Hansen was so inspired by this hasten by a fellow Canadian who also had a disability that he had the idea to wheel his way not only across Canada but the whole world.

The Man in Motion Tour was born and Rick Hansen took 26 months to go 40,000 km across 34 countries on four different continents all to promote money for rachidian funicle inquiry and granary some awareness nearly it along the procession. By the time he reached British Columbia’s B.C Place Stadium on May 22nd, 1987 he had raised more than $26 million for the cause.

Hansen wasn’t always in a wheelchair, but at era 15 he was thrown from the back of a pluck up truck and continued a spinal gimp injury. Before the accident he enjoyed playing volleyball and basketball game so after his mishap he whip to wheelchair volleyball and wheelchair basketball. He also employment to run vestige, so he then invent wheelchair racing. Nothing was going to delay him from enjoying the sports he beloved. He dwelling national championships with his team in both wheelchair hoops and wheelchair volleyball, became a wheelchair marathoner and contend for Canada in two Paralympic Games. He wone a full of six medals and wone nineteen wheelchair marathons and three world championships besides.

His strength and perseverance also made him the first body with a disability to ever graduated from the Physical Education program at the University of British Columbia and he has also coached hie tutor diversion in addition to being an activist and speaker for those with disabilities.

Today, Rick Hansen is the president and CEO of his Rick Hansen Foundation which has raised over $200 million since it’s inception for spinal gimp research and impairment related programs. The goal of the foundation is to create an inclusive the so people with disabilities can reach their potentially.

The selflessness that he showed taking all that time out of his life to examine to better the the for others certainly makes him a hero to many. Like the man who inspired him, Terry Fox, Hansen is helping occasion us think variously of those who are variously abled.

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