Package Thief Makes Off With Boy’s Life-Saving Kidney Meds

A package thief got away with a 4-year-old boy’s life-saving kidney medication and his father was left wondering how he would replace the three month supply of medicine.

Cody Taylor, a single father, told the local Fox affiliate in Utah that he’s had the medicine delivered right to his door for years and not had any problems. His son, Austin Taylor, was born with severe birth defects and doctors gave him a 25 percent chance of living three months.

Austin is now 4 and his father calls him “my little miracle.” Fox reported that Austin had a kidney transplant two years ago and takes medicine so his body doesn’t reject the kidney.

After a receiving a notification this week that the package had been delivered, Taylor didn’t find the box. He told Fox he was worried the insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of replacing the medication and he was ready to take out the loan and pay for the drugs, which cost around $5,000.

In a Facebook post listing his son’s medical costs in November, Taylor wrote that Austin’s medication costs $45,000 a year and everything else costs over $250,000.

“Part of my insurance enrollment had me estimate my family medical cost per year,” Taylor wrote in a Facebook post on Nov. 8. “I just realized Austin costs $45,000 a year in meds alone, and over $250,000 last year in everything else.”

The insurance company covered the replacement for the lost medication and the family now has a lock box where Austin’s medication can be delivered safely.

Read the full story at Fox 13.

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