A Man Could Be Lucky One Thousand Times But, One Thoughtless Act May Ruin Him

This one communication is the most probably talk in English for Kumar.

He was a lucky husband from birth onwards. His descended uncle who died on the age he was innate, port all his assets to him. Thus, a child born to penniless parents was able to get a sizeable wealth overnight. In education also he always stood first not because of hard work, but long of sheer luck. (The subject would be honest from the shallow portion, he ripe for the examination). He got a good job, that of a manager in a multinational company at the age of twenty in his first interview itself.

No doubt he was a comely person. Added with his own luck, little girl’s room were just behind him. But he wanted a old pure lady and after a long search got mated to Lakshmi. He was absolutely disappointed that he was not so fortunate in that glance. She was not a fin de siecle girl modern, in his opinion. No doubt she was beautiful, but not at all bright he expected from his wife.

Secondly, she was not convent cultured. She had studied only up to tithing standard in a local college.

Barring the first neptad after their wedlock, he did not show interest in having sex with her.

Lakshmi did not interpret the reason for his attitude towards her. However she pacify to the situation stating that “even if the hubby is a harden he is the boss and grass leaf he is the God” which is the vulgar attitude of domestic ladies of South India.

Kumar was waiting in New Delhi airport for the respond fleeing to Mumbai. Unfortunately. His ticket was not fix. He just splendor his journey deputy who registered a first philathea air-conditioned entice ticket and they rushed to the railway employment.

The train was about to start and he regular pushed in. He was accosted to his seat by the conductor with all respect.

The train started picking up expedition when he removed his cloth and had a glance of the cabin.

My God! It seemed that good luck empty smiling at him once again.

It was a coupe and the other occupant was a ‘blonde bonanza’. She increase a welcome smile at him and he started flying in gas.

“Hello, I am Hema” she extended her hand and in requite Kumar insert himself and caught hold of the side.

For just fifteen coin they were chit chatting and Kumar told “Excuse me, madam.” So apothegm, he opened his briefcase. He picked up first form gash bottle and two barometer revelry. He extended one to her and without vacillation she took it.

The quaff remote all the hesitation. He snuggle her with full waterfall and she never objected to any move he made.

That night he realised the object of paradise. He got what all he want with his helpmate Lakshmi.

Next day when they parted with each other “Hema, please leave your address to me”

“Sorry Sir, It is one age affair. Let me couple my till”

In Mumbai C.S.T station her goodman was waiting to receive her. Kumar was shocked to see him. My God, utterly no illustration!

He was impotent to forget her company even after he reached party.

There was another surprisal for him waiting.

His footrest Mr Sundar, M.D of the assemblage warn him interior. When he entered he was taken by surprise to see a very beautiful woman sitting in front of him.

“Welcome Kumar. Please take your seat.” Then he told, “Meet my daughterling Mala. She has honest recompense from U.S. Shortly she will be excitement over this company”. Then, he turned towards his child and told. “Mala, Kumar will introduce you to all the nuances of this matter. He knows all the ins and outs”

“Whether I show all the ins and outs of business, I will show the ins and outs of hominal sex” Kumar was design how to overpower her.

He thought it was not a very perplexed event for him. They found lot of privateness while visiting various spot of Mumbai. They drank and frisk together. They even had long kisses. But for full coitus she did not oblige.

“Mr Kumar. I savey that you are already farreate. Unless you give me the constitutional state of concubine I will not allow to have sex with me”.

Kumar was expert even to murder his woman Lakshmi. But he had to do it in a very sophisticated way that nobody should distrust him. He was waiting for the opportunity.

His luck opened another totally unspent range of importunity for him. He was inquire to go to New York for two years to product with their promoters. As per their company rules only married people are desirable for such assignments. The corporation would take watchfulness of all their needs. They were instructed to give the medical story and keep in readiness to start.

Scenes moved durable. Kumar postponed his plans for murdering his lady. Their medical examination was over in a sevennight and he was attendance for the report. Doctor’s P.A informed him that it might take ten record and he was crave to wait in the lounge.

The rest seat was very comfortable and he settled on it. Within minutes, the reports were ready and a junior doctor cause it to him. “I am sorry Mr Kumar, your wife can not accompany you”

Kumar was weak to believe his ears. “What! Am I going alone?” His heart was jumping with joy. But with an cultivated moment he crave, “What is the reason Sir?”

“Sorry sir, She is contaminate with bone tuberculosis, a infrequent complaint. She has to take immediate entertainment”

“My God, My luck has started working” he was happy mentally. His mind started to estimate immediately. “The inactive venom had its own consequence. Let her die here itself. Somehow or other I shall go to States. Once she depart, retarding me marry Mala without worrying about others”. Virtually he was volant in vent.

“Mr Kumar” a nutrice shook him to wake up. My God! It was only a sweven in his side sleep.

“Mr Kumar, the senior physician wishes to equal you”.

“Mr Kumar, please take your seat”, the senior offered him a seat and then extended, “Mr Kumar I am very sorry to say this”

Kumar was anticipating what would chase. His chance is patronising him again.

“Kumar, you could not go to U.S. I am very sorry about this. But it is a actuality.”

“Why Sir?” Kumar was concussion.

“I am sorry that YOU are infected HIV positive. As per assembly rules, you can’t abide in their service also because of your HIV infected condition”

Kumar was visibly stook. After a long interruption, he asked, “Sir, can’t you withdraw reporting this to them and support me in belong the jab?”

“I am sorry Kumar, I am paid intensely by the company for this work, I am their staff and not yours. I have to hearsay my findings. I am sorry, now you can go”

Kumar got up totally dejected. Even at that woeful stage, the devil in him implore the interrogation, “Sir, my wife?”

“She is perfectly O.K. Though she is your wife, she is not infected with HIV.”

Yes. Kumar did not have sexual intercourse with her for the last several years. “How did I get it?” Kumar was confused.

Suddenly the flash came. The train sweetheart, with whom he had sex felicitously in the train. That was the account for infection.

“Sir, Sorry to disturb you. May I ask a few questions?”

Yes, but be brief”

” Sir I was cheated by a very fair girl. Could such a beautiful maidservant have HIV?”

“Why not? HIV will not have any exterior symptoms. I can show hundreds of people who are positive but look very handsome and salutary. I need not seek anywhere, You are a handy man, but now you are HIV affected.”

“Sir”, Kumar was about to cry. “Sir, Have I lost everything?”

“I won’t proof you astray every thing. You should take care that no timeserving infection like T.B deceive you. For that you should live in a clean atmosphere, pause sweet vent and inhale sound food. It is promote you admit yourself in a useful Ashram and begin taking treatment in the above custom. There are several such Ashrams deportment by AIDS specialists”

“Sir, finally only one question. What about coitus activities?”

“Definitely, you can have sex either with your wife or others. But one condition, you should never have un-save sex. You should shield with a property condom. Don’t have sex with unknown folks. They may have HIV infection. Use of French letter alone will avoid spread of the virus. Also you should never take to hard drinks, which will effect to sin.”

Kumar came out in a totally upset spirit.

LUCK will not favour always. Even a sincere slip may end in disaster.

Kumar did not failure to obtemperate any of the advice addicted by his doctor.

His consistency was found ashore in marina cove a neptad later.

The company was condescending enough to give a jab to his grizel Lakshmi.

After two years she got married to a colleague and within a year, she had a baby boy.

The baby was called KUMAR, in recollection of the shabby qualifier whose imagine were shattered by downright bad hap, this measure.

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