Man dies days after extraction of tooth in Karnataka, family alleges negligence

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HUBBALLI: The death of a man on Saturday night, days after he underwent extraction of teeth, has sparked off a row with the family accusing the dentist of medical negligence. However, the dentist has denied the claims.

Family sources said Abdul Khader Bagalkote (35), a resident of Ganesh Pet in Hubballi, was suffering from toothache and he went to Ratna Dental Clinic run by Dr Veeresh Magalad for a check-up on December 5. After examination, the doctor suggested to Khader to go in for teeth extraction and asked him to come on December 8.

On the appointed day, Abdul Khader got his teeth extracted, but after he reached home he started bleeding profusely. Three days later, the family members took him to Karnataka Institute of Medical Science (KIMS) where he was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit. However, he did not recover and died on Saturday night.

The family members have blamed Dr Magalad for the death and registered a complaint at Town Police station in Hubballi. They charged that the dentist did not take enough precautionary measures while extracting the teeth and after. Police said a case has been booked against the dentist under Sec IPC 304 of IPC.Dr Malagad claimed that he did a clean job and and no member of the deceased’s family brought the issue to his notice.

“I came to know about the incident only after the patient was admitted to KIMS. They could have telephoned me about the complications. I extracted the teeth and prescribed painkillers and antibiotics. The patient was sensitised about the procedure and some suggestions also were given to him prior to extraction. There is absolutely no fault of mine.The post-mortem and treatment chart will throw more light on this incident,” he said.

Doctors at KIMS told Express on Sunday that when Abdul Khader was admitted to the hospital, his platelet count was low. The doctors transfused platelets four times but the count did not improve. Khader was also given other blood components like white blood cells and red blood cells. But he started to bleed in the brain and other organs and his condition did not improve.