If you enjoy bitter taste then maybe you are a deranged person: Study

Maybe you are a psychopath if you love eating dark chocolates

You can be a psychopath if you are a dark chocolate lover and enjoying drinking gin and tonics. This is what a recent study says. Food habits can define the personality traits, and the recent study has proved the fact too. The exciting research was carried out by psychiatrists from Innsbruck University in Austria. This study consisted of two experiments and examined 953 people. Both males and females were given a list of food and beverages, and all they have to do was rate the edibles and drinks out of six.

Meanwhile, there were liquids and food of different tastes like sour, sweet, bitter and salty. The participants also received a personality questionnaire to fill up, in which the aim was to measure the levels of the emotional maturity of the masses on specific emotions such as aggression, likelihood en route for brutality, psychopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism (manipulative trait). The participants were assessed on these qualities. Also, one question was on the questionnaire was, do people enjoy torturing others?

The research revealed that people showed more psychopathic tendencies, who like the bitter taste in food and drinks. On the basis of the study, the researchers concluded that by the most robust connection to general psychopathy and sadomasochism, bitter taste choices are correlated with wicked personality attributes undoubtedly. On the contrary, the people who were sympathetic, kind and gentle shows less interest in socialising with the people who loved the bitter taste.

Dr Christina Sagioglou, study leader said that consuming bitter foods could probably be compared to a rollercoaster ride where people enjoy things which provoke fear. Though, research has not suggested the particular reason behind the behaviour. Meanwhile, you can just predict the any person’s behavioural trait with their food preferences on the basis of this study.

According to the research, if you come out as the person who loves the sweet taste then you surely have a loving and sympathetic personality too. Still, if you are always crushing over the dark chocolates, Gin and tonics then now you have the answer to your ‘why’ you are a mad person.

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