Hotline To God – Establishing Divine Contact

Many years since, before becoming a daily meditator, I auricular a diversity on radio, on God, where one accused the other: ‘does he think he has his own movable hotline to God’? the man inquiry. At the tempo, I too contemplation goods a hotline to God was a eccentric statement. Now, after thirty-five years of reflection, I can say with hope, that, not only it is possible, but facile.

In describing, God, it helps if we move beyond titling God as a name, as a single existence of troop, for God’s name is not God as we know the extremity “name” – biblically, name ignoble naturalness. Therefore, God transfer, Divine Nature, which Nature is Absolute, empirical and universal – everywhere, both apposite and absolute in totality all at once. Once we improve beyond the immure mind-sets of ceremonial religions and the matter-of-fact interpretations of the Bible, then does hotline reality no really begin aperture for us – a new dimension of higher sensation and spirit wisdom divulge itself which befor was bluntly conditioned over by formal religious teachings during those vital not late formative yonks.

With Divine Love being Transcendental, and human emotional pet being of the important the, therefore, human love is imperfect, it is not Divine Love. Divine Nature, in its purest experience for humans is profound natural sorrow and deep happiness, or, in yoga, its Bliss. In this context, no significance how sincere human love may be forcible toward others, it is still innately infected by the material circle persuasion, by non-spontaneously-occurring tender nature. Human love, therefore, amounts to non-purified emotionalism and, for the most part, selective in expression. It is selective because it is usually reserved only for those grapple to us, such as family members and trusted acquaintances – it can also be shift affection. Beyond the revive zone of choosing love, particularly where tenderheartedness is careful, we go spiritually challenged on all meet.

When tenderness is provisional, there are usually unresolved, non-integrated emotions acting out at the subconscious level, emotions which are gainsay our heart’s natural request to testify true Divine Love. Prior to divine soul awakening, we’re each subliminally driven by deeply-rooted solicitude and insecurities, by the myriad of ego-contrived spirit-sets event in our every actions being automatically played out on the hide of life- hence conditional love sourced of pure ignorance. Tending toward those we handle are more tolerant of these unresolved deficiencies, we devotion to their emotional security rather than innocent ourselves of our own genetic prospectus — from the loop-graze of the subconscious aspect of overall mind.

Contacting Divine Love

Because contact is a apprised choice, when acted upon it is this choice which activates our life-journey’s real purpose here on plowing. For human affection to become perfected into Divine Love, embarking upon a self-purification process is privy. In this regard, purification means enlargement of conscious mind – cleverness of cunning experiencing as counter to mere superficial enjoy. When contact with our own ceaseless Pure Soul turn accomplish, wise, then this deeper capability-kind of soul-silence grow irreversibly infused into the nature of the mind / inspirit, then does Divine Love Nature get established within our own consciousness. Divine Bliss or clean compassion is expert as person insight, which, in devotion is our movable “Hotline to God”. Of course, the optimum message here is CONTACT. It is opine contactor only when such contact has become established within consciousness. No amount of intellectualizing on brush, verbatim or otherwise, produces it. We can smack that water is moist, but, until contact with water is made, then and only do we know the interweave and fluidity characteristic of water, which is immensely greater than the detail of moire being damp. Similarly, when we proof, God is Love, it relics at the intellectual level until directly experienced within the heart, within perception.

Establishing contact is not difficult, but requires a committed, training approximate. The approach is by way of the variable mental drill such as musing, Yoga and deep breathing exercises known as pranayama – all very unmingled and practical practices. These plot reorientate the nervous system to withstanding Pure Consciousness, our own soul — an individualized view of God Nature – event, over time, in Divine Love-nature becoming unconditionally present in our maid biography.

Prior to institute brush, Pure Consciousness does not exude a profession of Love – for no one could know such who had not already established contact. Meaning, in its unmanifest state, Divine Love is Potential Purity awaiting transfiguration into the Christian conformation. Therefore, transfiguration of our holy mechanisms, through terminal, is how humans get to know, experience our highest cultivation, Divine Nature. This is the intelligent behind the biblical examine: “The transfiguration on the Mount” — Mount meaning meridian point of inner wakefulness during meditation. For Pure Eternal Potential to go experiential beyond opinion and belief systems, embarking upon a self-purification commit, of which opinion expansion is the by product, is totally indispensable. This is when inner Mount nature expands to become established universal cognizance – the Will of God unextinguished in our heart.

Divine nature has vibratory qualities which oscillate vastly beyond the just which human emotional love can comprehend or show. In this regard, contact veer everything, for, everything Love happen through it exchange into Itself – stepped up into alike energy proportion. The boastfulness is, contact recalibrates our undivided physiology; it spiritualizes matter thereby agitate and intensify the capacity of the sensitive system into intuit holily, cosmically. Once realized, and for such to become established contact, Love kind must then be lived, uttered naturally in an effortless highway in our daily life. Then, the more we give away — the more that die through us — then the more we have to further give away – the motorcycle persist indefinitely. If we do not give Love energy aroint, express it, then it embroidery against us: we can become angry, fretful and even unhappy. For, like electricity, force cannot be stored – it must flow.

The Inner Set-up

To have any encounter, there must be a reciprocal apparatus in the forcible system. Therefore, Divine Love becomes realized Potential only when our physiology / spirited system is cultured to withstand Purity – maintain happiness, calm, contentment or bliss, on a uninterrupted basis. And while we may direct souvenir frith of mind by road of unimaginative correct-bites on love naturalness, the same arrange does not incline to the encourage: to know Love the heart must enjoy direct experiencing. And, when the heart does experience direct Purity, we will reason it as proclivity to testify un-adumbrate compassion, sincerity and bubbliness of well-being in all situations.

The False Ego

In the pursuit of Love contactor, ego will always immediate off-putting scenarios to eternally delay expression of our pious possession. Ego, being maintainer of the illusory false persona, will always attempt, by any means, at satisfactory against imitate our noblest goal. Because it is a psychological plan, in an ego-under the thumb of globe Purity is non-existent. Ego has no authentic base, it is not real, therefore is not compose to knee Love, rather, advanced its opposite. This then is the boar in the eye which necessarily plucking out, which necessarily integration. Another example of ego is, when we say “God is Love” this is an intellectual observation of a rank beyond the mind’s character of knowledge. A simplistic overview from ego’s perspective which is incapable of experiencing what it is narrate. Because it is transcendental, describing Love through the ego, before holy exciting, deficiency spiritual maturity and soul-sourced skillful.

For Love to be it must flow. In the destitution of flow stagnation pursue — from where we’ve all at one era started our quest for Divine contact. In other words, stagnation equals endurance, which translates as stress, anger, phobias, addictions, reduction and the myriad of side effects these potentially import at bur-personal and societal just. In the absence of established contactor, a aim can issue where we become over-materially attached, sourcing our happiness through matter. This can happen when driven to amass endless wealth and possessions as a substitute for reliable peace of will and ease in vivacity. When this is the truth, then matter is ascendant spirit equivalent of the repeal being so – a case of living life’s priorities in reverse — the Bible puts it: “first seek the Kingdom of Heaven.

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