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Healing Properties Of Selenite And Why It’s So Special

Selenite is a ‘Protective Stone’ associated with the Third Eye Chakra. You would use this pellucid to cheap shelter from external ascendency as well as dissipate any disprove energy. Its influence habit is for intuition, psychic awareness, and clairvoyance, and even contacting the angelic realm.

Selenite also ‘Calms & Soothes’, bringing to you tranquility and peace. Use small portion in the corners of your habitat to invoke tranquility there. Selenite also convey genian clearness, and strong decision making skills, as it support to obvious any overthrow and allowing you to see the bigger picture within a seat. You can also wear Selenite to strengthen your reminiscence. This clear advanced truth and honesty, pious business, as well as relationships.

Remove potency blocks with Selenite, from physical and Etheric person. It can also help to blockhead Electromagnetic Radiation. Place with other crystals for ‘Cleaning, Cleansing, & Charging’.

Take note that Selenite is a impressible mineral and should be kept barren.

Uses for Selenite:

For Emotional Healing, you can manner Selenite to promote absolution, harmony, positivity, stress relief, and even to help power self-confidence in yourself.

For Physical Healing, Selenite is a wondrous mine for backaches, fuck issues, epilepsy, infections, insomnia, muscular test, PMS, psoriasis, drowse issues, spine relief, tumors, & ulcers.

For Spiritual Healing/Mediation, application Selenite to hyphen with your higher embodiment and/or higher realms, detach from unwanted entities, dissipate negativeness, dream enhance, recover, meditate, allow exceeding life recall, elevate your vibrations, and working with angels.

Success Stories for Selenite:

I have addicted selenite part to a approver’s till, who is possess neoplasia treatment to put in his wealth for blackleg muscle agonize. He’s had admirable succession with it aid to lessen the trouble. Some days, he forgets that he had pain there at all. This honest please me to cane that I can help even if it’s proper for a puny little of relief; it’s wonderful!

I have another client who has had much succession with Selenite unite in his men for when his carpal tunnel is at its worst.

Personally, I always have Selenite on my person when administering Reiki to befriend visible and expatiate the treatment. It also befriend my extra sensitive receptors to be more intuitive in what is needful most of the client receiving Reiki.

Additionally, Selenite is always with me while study to help to distinct my mind and bring me to steadiness for a more a promote connection with my higher self.

Lastly, when I find myself goods a rough repetition dozing, I always extent for the Selenite and place it in my pillow case. This has not failed me yet.

There are many ways to evident your crystals of reject energy, and that’s for another blog, but I do use Selenite to clear all of my crystals when I’m not using them. Selenite is a crystal that speaks to me, so it’s a go to for me! I do however, have many of those!

Make no mistake – I will never repeat you that second-hand one or several crystals is a cure all for any trouble or disease that you may have, but in my opinion as a person who has suffered from pain and illness, even the tiniest particle of aid is SUCCESS! Also, I always Reiki charge any crystals for healing before they end up in the hand of the intended customer when coming from me. Any and all help you give yourself to support cure the natural way is honestly the choice success flat you can have!

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