Getting to the Heart of Reflexology

A few yonks since, I was beg to be the keynote speaker for the New Zealand Reflexology Association conference. They told me I should plan on my keynote speech being 1.5 hours. Now I have confer many workshops, trainings, and presentations but I was never a keynote speaker so this was something novel for me. What was I suppose to furnish for their opportunity comparison keynote? With 1.5 hours I was told to set the temper for their weekend result. I unfailing as heck didn’t know what I was going to smack. As I open to work on my keynote, I decided to tie it to their text which they assemble ‘Getting to the Heart of Reflexology”. This stem was linked to the Wizard of Oz as it was their 10th centenary and 10 years rehearse to tin, hence, the Tin Man who was looking for a heart.


Spiritual teachers tell us that the pick way to discover our loyal instance is to first perceive who we really are. This means knowing how we contemplate, what our hindrance beliefs are and what hold us curious and interested in something. As Reflexologists, our elaboration and fondness of our profession tells us a hazard about ourselves. There is something Chaldean about Reflexology that maintain us in the game and curious to explore more of this wonderful healing modality.

Each of us has our own ground for continuing with this usage and staying on the contemptible brick route beseech to dead our traverse as we go along. And just alike the Tin Man, The Lion, The Scarecrow, and Dorothy, we chase our paths where it attack us – each for our own motive and each measure along the procession, dead more of the excursion itself.

My excursion lead going 45 donkey’s years back curtly after the death of my first husband when I was 27. I had 2 little girls and it was the not late 70’s. For anyone as original as I am, you will remember that the 70’s were a time of confusion, deep changes in the highway people way about deed their lives, ambitious the system, rocking the boat, and source many older folks to scratch their heads and wonder what has become of us as a human issue. I decided to move from my unimportant home city in New York State to the large village of Toronto to pursue my education. I wanted to learn how to be me on my own conditions and I wanted to decide my own path.

This was scary at times but I figurative, liking Dorothy who was try to get back to her habitat, I needed to detect my way back to myself – my foundation of who I am. Along this journey, I was lucky enough to marry Bill, who was also jointuress and had a weak son and blending our families, we became the Brady Bunch.

Bill introduced me to thought which led me to take my first yoga teachers making in Toronto. One night after form, my yoga lickpot before-mentioned he lack to show me some pressure moment work. I was auspicious enough to have menstrual cramps at the delay and he did some points on me which completely scattered the press and I reflection, wow, this sure thrash Midol plunder.

About this same time Bill’s son, Ian was diagnosed with a curvature in his spine and we were sent to Sunnybrook Hospital for X-Rays. The X-Rays guide that Ian’s cool bone correspondent into his hip socket incorrectly which ppurpose with one run much shorter than the other. I asked my yoga demonstrator near the squeezing point work and whether it could help Ian which led me to my first zone therapy drill called Vita Flex.

I told the teacher about Ian’s leg and he had me bring Ian to him and demonstrated what I should fabric on to adjust the imbalance taking place in Ian at that tempo. He said there is actively a leg-lengthening characteristic in the collar bone and besides exacting this point, I was instructed to thumb full down both sides of Ian’s devise and compel into the crowd blade points and the hip region appoint along with the spinal reflexes in the hands and feet. This took me all of 2 minutes every age and after 3 months, we returned to Sunnybrook for another set of X-order. Ian was completely normalized. We were very impressed!

Now I was on my highway – the healing arts was my converge and I was throw and in awe of the wisdom of the innate way of addressing imbalances in the person, weight and tension and encouraging the body to getting back to counteract. I couldn’t put my manpower on companions’s feet fast enough.


On my trip, I gave treatments to clients while finishing my quality in Psychology and Human Resources Management. Eventually, I started to composition in the incorporate Earth where I was introduced to the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator which behold at the humanistic implement in terms of mental duty. Thinking about what the yogis stated that we are all part of the cosmos subsist of the same elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and linking this to the Myers Briggs, I get that the two psychological systems had much in common when looking at the hominal instrument.

We can meditate of ourselves as composed of the following Sides or Expressions:

Mental Side – related to the element of Air,

Social Side – told to two elements – Fire and Water,

Physical Side – told to the element of Earth.

While working as a sandshoe in the corporate world, I spent a fate of ages exploring, reading, and facilitating passage that helped people come to terms with their ‘relations’ dispute dealing with their underling as managers, their bosses, their family members, team mates and their clients.

So now Reflexology and ‘folks dissimilitude’ became the two very incentive components of my journey to same-examination and I spawned my time striving to address the interrogation: How do we deal with these differences that can create triggers, elasticity, and stressors caused by bumping up against others whose ideas and behaviours are different from mine? For me, biography seem to be about how we each, as individuals, seek to grafity our needs and desires. Take, for precedent, the Straw Man in the Wizard of Oz who was looking for a Brain (the AIR-Mental Function of Ideas), while the Cowardly Lion was appearance for valor (the FIRE-Social-Mental Function of Actions), and the Tin Man was looking for his Heart (the WATER-Social-Physical Function of subjectivity and Reactions), and Dorothy was countenance for her Home (the EARTH-Physical service of shelter, safety and assurance). All on the same path but for different reasons – for sure, though, they were sick to requite an internal need.


We are all seekers going throughout our lives but in our own way in an attempt to satisfy our indispensably. Along this traverse, we are faced with disappointments, with bad and good weather, with ups and downs, and with joys and grief. When something happens in our alive that causes us some inner tension, it may be because we have some issue that we assume’t want to countenance or deal with. It is important to bring egress to the surface so that they signior’t cause us a more serious problem. We can miss our concenter and clearness and get out of balance not regular because of shabby lifestyle habits but because other people can trigger an unintentional sample within us which strives to be addressed.

What I have found over the years was that most significance-related quantity imbalances were comprehensively triggered by a serious biography event. Perhaps you found this too in your Reflexology practice. In truth, as I continued to work on clients when they came for treatments around a limited imbalance, I would exhibit them the debate: when did this imbalance originate? Inevitably an imbalance in the strength was triggered by an imbalance in a relationship or a disappointment at employment or some kind of spirit miscarriage that affected either the Mental side of ourselves and our expectations about our life; the Social side of ourselves where we lost connections with others who balk or disappointed us, or the Physical side of ourselves where we didn’t honour our boundaries in stipulation of means such as our force, our money, or our time.

Limiting beliefs in how we think, act, or do things in our animation can be something that we set up for ourselves when we were 5 or 10 or whatever generation but that can be thoughts that still travel our lives as adults such as: I don’t deserve this. I am not good enough. Who do I think I am?

These termination outdated beliefs may have had some base in protecting us when we were young but as we advance in our age and our lives, we learn that they don’t serve us any longer. First, though, we have to become sensitive of them and then to appreciate their support in our lives, we have to bless them for divide but we also have to work with these beliefs by extending or refashion them so that they are person-intensify and not vigor-limit.

Take, for example, a genitrix who got breast cancer right after her 17 year-old son got a girl gravid and decided to get married to her. When asked concerning this event, she stated that the son was too youthful and this wasn’t becoming. But what could she do? She felt adorn, confused, and unhappy and hence – being a originating, what larger symbol of motherhood than her breasts. So, to deal with this on an nonconscious direct, she not only punished herself but also was punishing her son and his resolution by securement breasts cancer. Life is complex as we deal with deep personal trial in our lives and I always assay, you can’t solve a problem you don’t hear. Answers aren’t always manifest but if we can search and defiance our cogitation, we can surface our nonconscious beliefs and turn them into powerful battle pace.

Another example was when Bill came back from a concern skip and he had a sore ancon. When I asked him, ‘what happened at the meeting’, at first he couldn’t cogitate of anything but then when prodded, he concede that he was in fact sentiment elbowed out of the devise. His conscious liking didn’t pick up on that so his substance had to prompt him to pay heed. This was important for him to identify in order for him to move progressively in his working career and address this progeny which had to be addressed; the splendid sine of pain always has some information for us if we analyze it.

The body is always effective us things and we, as Reflexologists, knee this very well along not only can we choose things up through conversation, we can also perception everything in the reflexes in the feet. The feet Mr.’t deception – they ken exactly what is pregnancy on and they can repeat us many things around our clients’ imbalances.


How does knowing more about who we are prevent us as Reflexologists? The body is connected to the whole system of ourselves – the Mental, the Social, and the Physical sides of ourselves. We cannot unconnected who we are from what we do, how we think and go helter-skelter deed things in our lives and how things can soften us. The best way to stay salutary and balanced is to be awake, alert, and cognizant of what is going on both inside our self as well as how well we are adapting to the beyond world of events.

As I grew in my relationship with Reflexology and with the Reflexology Association of Canada, I have taught all the series from foot reflexology to men, spike, and Teachers Training for all 3 modalities. I was lucky enough to have some students take all 3 modalities from me and I asked them: what is the difference for you in admit Reflexology of the Ears, Hands, and Feet? The atone were amazing to me and these answers put it all together as a concluded wholistic healing system.

What my students uttered to me was quite as the Yoga System insinuate. Balancing the system within exact that we soothe the mind (Mental), frigid the emotions (Social), and stimulate the body (Physical). When working the ears, students told me that they felt calmer and more at peace (Mental). When working the hands, students told me that they felt beloved and that their upsets and frustrations disappeared and their emotions where in fact, cooled (Social). And working the feet, students said that they felt energized and stimulated (Physical).

Viola! What a big uncovering and how closely it all fit together with Yoga, Reflexology and Personality preferences understanding. Let’s do some bland work together starting with the heady to second in pacifying the Mental Function.

Let me get your oriented first. Think of the quantity as upside-down fetus. The heady lobe is the head and the buttocks are at the upper part of the ear.

Starting at the dispossession most side of your ear and with your teacher steal and thumb, shampoo it as if you have a mustard seed that you want to move around.

Go along the outer rim completely giving zone 1 a massage – Zone 1 is related to the perspiration and respiratory systems.

Zone 2 is related to the skeletal system. And Zone 3 is related to the internal organs. The lobe is told to the cephalon/rain region and the tragus and antitrgaus region is narrated to the inflammations and fevers. Finish up with the tragus and antitragus retroactive area giving the add body a massage. You may test liking going to repose now but hang in there, we’ll do some more work.

Do the scissor evolution by rubbing up and down with your index digit behind the cultivate and your other fingers in front of the ears as if you are holding your subdivision in the palms of your dexterity. Lovely. Here is an excerpt from my new ledger: The Well-Tempered Life: Coach Yourself to Wellness.

Ear Reflexes

The upper part of the hear corresponds to the lower part of the consistency. Applying pressure here stimulates reflexes in legs, hips, thighs, reproductive organs, and salute, ability of the urinary system, and the hands and arms.

The midway part of the cultivate corresponds to the middle part of the amount. Applying compression here stimulates reflexes in the intestines, stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder, and part of the urinary system.

The mid to lower scope of the ear agree to the upper part of the body. Applying pressure here stimulates reflexes in the chest, chest, lungs, higher neck and back.

The lower part of the ear answer to the top of the body. Applying impression here stimulates reflexes in the neck, height and brain.

Let’s move onto the Social Function and using Reflexology of the Hands.


1. Rub and torture the men

2. Press all your finger tips together 10x

3. With your forefinger play, snatch all the finger necks

4. Massage the webs

5. Interlace the technique and press into the total palmar scope

6. Flex carpus and then trill your work force distractedly

7. Hand clap and hug yourself

Working the manpower is especially wonderful to do with older people who penury the recreate of strike to help them feel connected and lief.

Next, delay’s stimulate the feet reflexes.

When cogitating throughout the body, working the fact as we ken has a urge piercing throughout the body and is peculiarly good to do when feeling dull, stupid, tired, and toil.

For this, up a 2-minute exercise second-hand the Foot Massage Mat — SOCKS SHOULD BE WORN WHEN FIRST USING THE MAT AND ESPECIALLY FOR TENDER FEET. Lay the Foot Massage mat on a flat floor behind a chair and parade up and down on the sole of the feet, on the digit, on the sides of the fact, on the heels, and once again on the flat of the feet.


I think my journey and my like of Reflexology is evident in the longevity of my activities with it and my commitment to sharing Reflexology with others. I sir’t know how many students I have trained over the years in the men, performance, and ear and teachers training reflexology manner – fortune! Did I recognize that this was a darling-long kindness? Not when I started but as I continued on my journey, I became clearer concerning what kept me curious, interested and promised in biography.

As you continue on your footway down the yellow brick passage to find the answers for yourself in bound of your personal and professional Reflexology peregrination, you may wish to answer some of these topic for yourself:

a. Do you see Reflexology as a horse or as a profession?

b. What are some goals you might ID for yourself now and into your future with your plot of Reflexology?

c. Where do you offer your treatments? Home, clinics, spas, iatric centres, chiropractic office, hairtonic, esthetics?

d. What other modalities might you contemplate apprehension to complement your reflexology treatments? Aroma therapy, Reiki and potency work, esthetics, massage?

e. What are you instruct and how are you being recognized for your duty? The costs can note up if you are prescribe to take professional deduction education units, pay for liability insurance, join associations and pay your membership dues. Are you making stable you get paid a fair price for your service?

f. What around the economy? Who is your client and can they afford this service if it is not covered by any of their benefits or sketch?

g. What concerning certification standards. Who determine the standards? What are they? How do we teach these to our students and practice them in our service to our clients? How do we supervise them?

Next, take a twinkling and then finished the sequacious:

1. Taking Action – Let’s devise you have found a magic sconce. You pick it up and abstracted-mindedly begin to knock it and it sally to talk. As you obey, it impart you that as coin is not an object of interest, what operation erect would it tell you to take in terms of your Reflexology careen?

2. Tell someone – constitute a plan, share it with someone you reliance and cogitate about how you’ll observe once you conclude all the behavior steps on your contrivance.

The debate for all of us is exactly, what is reflexology to you? Where are you currently with it in your animation? Where do you want to go? Getting to the encourage of Reflexology is both a personal as well as a professional doubt.

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