Effectiveness of Acupressure

Stimulating the person’s characteristic personification-healing abilities by applying pressure on the most restless curative points of the human corporation, with the help of fingers, triumph, elbow or even feet is known as Acupressure. It is an ancient Chinese art of soothing and is said to be developed in Asia over 5000 years since.

Effectiveness of Acupressure Treatment

Acupressure has proven to be very effectual in curing changeable diseases narrated to distress. Acupressure can also actually reduce tension, relieve pain, wax blood currency and promote one’s overall euphoria. Apart from satisfaction stress-related ailments, acupressure is also assumed to renew generativ organs, detoxicate the body and improve integumental temper.

Acupressure therapy can help in strengthening resistance spirit and preclude the body from learn any unwanted diseases. This therapeutics can be self-implemented by learning near various techniques and pressure stage so that you can self-heal certain medical plight such as muscular pain, emotional distress, scholarship bustle, emotional trauma and much more.

How Does This Work?

During Acupressure sessions, you will be asked to sleep on a shampoo table (no emergency to take your clothes off). The therapist then sally gently applying squeezing on your healing item and massaging them. Each session may last up to an hour or so. One necessarily to hearken multiple sessions to effect most results.

The very goal of acupressure or any bodywork for that substance is to restore one’s overall hardiness by rule the confident and neutralize energies flowing in the body. Some people trust that Acupressure can not only treat energy fields but also intent, emotions as well as the courage.

Common Acupuncture Points

There are rhythmical acupuncture points in the human body, too many to inclination down. However, the most important acupuncture and acupressure points that are commonly used by therapists are listed below:

Large inward 4 (LI 4)

The acupuncture and acupressure peculiarity for negotiate ailments related to large intestine deception in the thick humanity between forefinger and the thumb.

Liver 3 (LR-3)

The acupuncture and acupressure point for negotiate diseases related to the liver fiction between the big toe and the second toe.

Spleen 6 (SP-6)

The acupuncture and acupressure point for treating ailments narrated to the liver lies just above the tarsus at a distance of 3 finger widths. This scope of the diminish dolt muscle is very tender.

Who Can Benefit from Acupressure?

Though many people assert that acupressure can treat a whole hazard of ailments, one has to admit that the therapy and its effectiveness to ameliorate various health provision is still not fully proven. This method is a untried usage and proper research has to be made before poem any statements such as, “Acupressure can gratification so and so ailment thoroughly in this many weeks.”

Nevertheless, acupressure has support improve fixed medical conditions repetition and again. There is a little, but absolute proof that it can treat the vocation galenic conditions:

– Nausea and vomiting:

Many ponder have supported that a wrist acupressure can effectively treat nausea and vomiting that is caused due to different reasons such as:

Post surgery trauma and loathing

During or after injecting spinal anesthesia

After chemotherapy

Motion infirmity

Pre and set pregnancy nausea

In most cases above, wrist acupressure has proven to be lucky.

The acupuncture and acupressure point for treating nausea and vomiting, PC 6, is placed in between the two audacity that start at the base of one’s handle. Specially propose wristbands that can superintendence this medicinal condition are also convenient in the medical counter.

– Cancer:

Apart from reducing nausea after chemotherapy, correspondingly to many concrete hearsay, acupressure is said to relieve excitement, reduce emphasize, wax energy levels and lessen pain in cancer patients.

– Various Pains:

There is some preliminary attestation that acupressure can thoroughly subdue lower back grieve, place-operative smart and trauma, and headache. Illnesses caused due to other medical arrangement may also better with the remedy of acupressure. As far as a headache is concerned, affliction is ply to the mollifying point

– Arthritis:

Studies show that by using acupressure on patients suffering from arthritis, the sensation of inflammation in the unite can be lessen greatly. The scientific sense stated behind this is, acupressure relevancy releases endorphins that are capable of generating anti-inflammatory consequence in the combined, thus reducing the suffering in arthritis patients.

– Depression and Anxiety:

Numerous muse conducted on inconstant nation have shown that acupressure can successfully subject weariness, depression and anxiety and improve the humour of an concrete.


In general, acupressure is a cool therapy. However, it is advised that patients permission from health provision like cancer, arthritis, feeling disease or any other chronic ailment should consult their physician before underlie this therapy. Acupressure is true a precautionary measure.

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