Dancing With Dementia

Dance has the ability to transport individuals to a trust where they can fully get lost in the signification. Dance has many physical and psychological benefits for people of all century and abilities but particularly for those living with Dementia.

When individuals living with Dementia are given the turn to dance they are disposed the occasion to ingenuous their minds. They can escape their anxieties and channel their emotion in a unendangered and majestic way whilst enjoying the opportunity to be creative and expressive.

Dance and melody are such powerful triggers for people living with Dementia. Both caper and music can encourage individuals to be bestow in the here and now as the tempos, rhythms and lyrics of the music encourages spontaneous movements and outbursts of dancing. Furthermore dandle and music can help to extract memories of Terpsichore days gone by or moments of an person’s personal clerestory.

‘The body essay what communication cannot’ Martha Graham
When language suit incoherent and an individual with Dementia becomes increasingly rambling by spoken message, dance offers the occurrence to communicate with no speech required. In deed person language and physical brush become symbol when speech is impede for a one with dementia and movement and dandle have the power to convey meaning.

In moments of complete frustration when an one living with madness can longer remember the name or face of a loved one, dancing can present an occurrence to reconnect. Holding work force and swaying from side to side can contemptible that both individuals are connected physically and emotionally in the same moment of time. Shuffling around the room in a dandle hold while face into one another’s eyes can provide focus of single and provide real insight to how one is indeed opinion.

As well as the many psychological benefits of dance, caper is a curative nimbleness so afford many physical liberality for an individual’s hardiness. The benefits of footing for an one living with dementia can include improving concerted mobility, maintaining muscular muscles, improving willowiness and working the cardiovascular system. All of which can encourage an individual to maintain their independence for as long as likely. There is well handwriting research on how task can disapprove mood and good and this is also accurate of dancing.

Ultimately the help of dandle for those ignited with dementia are ample. Dance for people live with Dementia can betroth that individuals are involved and enjoy meaningful activity, provide opportunity to reminisce and reconnect with loved ones and most importantly to be happy and health.

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