Concussion and the Need for Chiropractic Evaluation

With the plain moving picture Concussion and a Public Broadcasting System documentary of the same topic there is substantial national attention on sports related traumatic conceive injury and its consequences.

In the United States the prevalence of mild traumatic brain injury, also known as shock, is estimated at 3.8 million per year. 85% of lede suffer a concussion will have symptoms solve within 7 to 10 days. The continue 15%, however will exhibit persisting symptoms continuing weeks, months or even for ever after their injury. In those suffering, lingering symptoms persistent longer than 4 to 12 weeks the predicament is revolve to be chronic and is known as station-concussion concurrence.

Many healthcare professionals contemplate post-concussion concurrence to be purely an injury isolated to the brain. However, new research shows that another etiology, other than the brain, may be responsible for ongoing, chronic symptomatology.

Those experiencing assuasive vulnerary brain mischief serve to have symptoms of bother, dizziness, neck disquiet, visual problems, major problems, hearing disturbances and excitable irregularities. Not coincidentally, these are also findings that occur with neck injuries, like 2, as well.

Injuries to the neck can occur from many types of trauma. The classic whiplash of an motorcar contingency is one with which many can recognize. Of course, sports injuries occurring in football can also cause problems with the neck. But many other sports such as falls occurring in cheerleading, heading a conglobate in soccer, collisions of players in lacrosse, divers landing awkwardly in a swimming pool and anyone surprising their power on a gym floor or playing expanse can lead to trauma to the neck.

Trauma research has revealed the range of linear impact accelerations suit concussion is between 60-160 G’s of stuff with the peak occurring at 96 G’s. Whiplash associated traumas can occur at accelerations of only 4.5 G’s. From this it is seen that individuals who seer force is strong enough to sustain a concussion will also experience cervical devise mischief. In fact, it seems practically indisputable that someone having vulnerary force purpose a concussion will also tolerate injury to the soft cartilage of the cervical spine.

In a research study evaluating bandy players endurance trauma disclose in Brain Injury in 2006 it was noted “there is a strong union between whiplash induced neck injuries and the symptoms of concussion in ice hockey injuries.” The researchers journey on to smack that athletes/patients should be evaluated for both traumatic brain impairment and cervical/whiplash type trauma.

Current imagination is that those in from post-concussion syndrome have most sure thing also had injury to the neck or cervical devise. Some are terming it Post-concussion Syndrome and associated Cervicogenic trauma. “Cervicogenic” degraded “from the neck”.

In another study reveal in the journal Cephalgia in 1990 researchers evaluated patients who had sustained headdress trauma and who were still permission from headaches one year latter. These patients inscribe a clinical method of definite keyboard therapy of the neck, such as chiropractors utilize, to help headache problems. The results were the group parley with manual therapy reveal over 50% betterment of their headache agonize insignitor procure with the pretreatment level. The researchers established: “Manual therapy used in this contemplation seems to have a specifying performance in reducing post-traumatic headache.”

Chiropractors have extensive training and seer in appraise injuries of the neck or cervical attenuate. If there is an irregularity of misalignment or improper movement of the vertebrae of the spine, strain of the thew and ligamentous sprain, chiropractors have unhurt, proven methods to treat these injuries.

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