Central Elementary School in Yukon closed Wednesday due to wave of flu

A health crisis has canceled classes Wednesday at Yukon elementary school.

The superintendent said the custodial team will do an extra-deep cleaning Tuesday night at Central Elementary School, where classes are canceled for Wednesday because of a wave of flu. The team will do so again Wednesday after almost one-third of the school’s student body was absent because of illness.


“We’ve been watching this, unfortunately, since (Monday) and it climbed well beyond anything I’ve seen this fast,” Dr. Jason Simeroth, Yukon Public Schools superintendent, said.

He said 114 of the 370 students who attend Central Elementary School were out sick Tuesday — 50 of those were confirmed flu cases. Three teachers also were out because of the flu.

“Once it gets to a certain point, we have to make a judgement call about the safety of kids, safety of teachers, staff and everything,” Simeroth said.

Cleaning crews will spend much of the day Wednesday wiping down desks and surfaces, doing what it takes to prevent the infectious disease from spreading.

“We’re going to set off the antibacterial flu bombs when they are leaving this evening and tomorrow,” Simeroth said.

The elementary school’s building should be ready for students, faculty and staff to return on Thursday. But is it safe for them to do so?

“Don’t send them back to school for at least 24 hours after their fever has gone down, and that will help greatly,” Simeroth said.