Age Is No Excuse

The extended advancement of social media sees people of all ages part their thoughts and other information. And in most circumstances those thoughts are unedited: no one checks what complete up in the inn domain. Even the President of the US can get it faulty.

While you might reckon that if you’ve lived hunger enough you’d savey correct from incorrect, but should-have-known-reform mistakes unite often ‘killing’ the main design and signification of the message. Grammatical errors can make readers cringe.

Consider three of the main standouts – the false custom of ‘were’ for ‘we’re’, ‘there’ for ‘their’ or ‘they’re’, and ‘your’ for ‘you’re’. And, when the unbecoming tidings is used, not only does it standout like the proverbial sore thumb but also conveys an undesired telepheme throughout the writer.

One of the most inconsistently necessity punctuation marks is the address. In contractions, a complete relative, an apostrophe is necessity to discover that a epistolary (or letters) has been omitted. Contractions seem to object the most bother on communicative media. Consider these exemplify.

You’re shining – translation You are brilliant. NEVER ‘Your glittering.’
We’re open for occupation – We are open for matter. NEVER ‘Were sincere for profession.’
They’re looking forward to because you – They are looking forward to seeing you. NEVER ‘Their (or There) looking agreement to seeing you.
Other ‘regulars’ embody
It’s a hot day – It is a hot Time.
Don’t drink and excavation – Do notdrink and driven.
I’d havegiven the show a omit – I would have given the show a want
There’s never an excuse for obtention it incorrect. Before hitting the send button:

Search online for the correct behavior.
Checkout others’ usage.
Use an conductor (if you have time).
Make sure that when you have your essay, it assay what you indigence to say. How you specimen it, says a fortune going you.

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