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Immunotherapy against bee stings in some cases incomplete

Summer is approaching, and for many allergy sufferers this means it is time to start fearing bee stings. “Allergic reactions to insect venoms are potentially life-threatening, and constitute one of the most severe hypersensitivity reactions,” explains PD Dr. Simon Blank, research group leader at the Center of Allergy & Environment (ZAUM), a joint undertaking by […]

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PLCγ1-Deficiency in mice causes bipolar disorder

Researchers, led by Pann-Ghill Suh, a professor of life sciences at UNIST, genetically designed mice to have a deficiency of PLCγ1 in their forebrain. They then studied what happened in the mice’s synapses – the ends of neurons, which facilitate electric signaling between two brain cells. Scientists noticed impairment in the inhibitory transmission and synaptic plasticity – that is, […]

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